Etiquette & superstition: ladders

Oh man. For a minute there I thought I lost one of my favorite superstition reference books. That seemed like a really unlucky thing to do – lose a book on superstitions. Luckily it had just fallen behind the bookshelf. Back to work.

ETIQUETTE: When a man and woman are using a ladder together, the man should go up the ladder first and down the ladder first. He should not look up the lady’s skirt when the lady is descending the ladder, but the lady probably shouldn’t be wearing a skirt while climbing a ladder in the first place.

SUPERSTITION: Yeah, yeah. Don’t walk under a ladder. That old chestnut. Almost six years doing Fancy Notions and I’ve avoided it until now. Do you know why you’re not supposed to walk under a ladder? A ladder, when propped against a wall, forms a triangle, and a triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity, so when you’re crossing through that triangle, you’re defying the Holy Trinity and that’s bad. You’ll have bad luck, you’ll never marry and you might even be hanged.

If you do walk under a ladder and wish to be protected from bad fortune, just spit over your left shoulder, or spit on your shoe and don’t look at your shoe until the spit has dried, or cross your fingers until you see a dog.

If you didn’t walk under the ladder, and you happen to notice that the ladder has an uneven number of rungs, climb up the ladder to ensure your future success.

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