Christopher Walken’s prom date

This weekend my tap dance teacher showed us a clip from the film Pennies From Heaven where Christopher Walken dances to the song “Let’s Misbehave.” It was a great, crazy dance, and as soon as I got home from class I went online to watch more clips of Christopher Walken dancing and then some clips of him just being him, and then I read his entire “Personal Quotes” section on, and for a while I thought I was going to start a new section on this here blog called “Christopher Walken Says” or something like that, but after a while I think I read too many quotes and it was like I had eaten a whole plate of fudge or something and I didn’t want to start the new section after all. But anyway, here is Christopher Walken talking about the prom. I wonder what happened to that girl.

I asked this girl to go to the prom and she said she would but that she had a boyfriend, an older guy. Then she took out her wallet and showed me a picture of this handsome guy with the hair, the teeth, who looked like a Greek statue. I thought, All right, and then I asked to see it again and said, “This is not a photograph. You cut this out of a magazine.” She got farmisht and said, “Yes, you’re right, I did. I’m so madly in love with him. His name is Elvis Presley.” She went with me to the prom. I had her in a compromising position. That’s what you get for lying.

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