Ask your parents for permission

Benny got me a present yesterday.

makeupmonstersIt’s an amazing book. For instance, on the first page there is this sentence: “If a rash develops, choose a monster that calls for different materials.”

All of the makeups in the book can be done with things around the house. There’s the Scar Face made with gelatin and food coloring:

and the oatmeal and corn syrup Disease Face:

Flour, cotton balls, corn syrup and dried beans or popcorn kernels? Why, you’ve got yourself a nice Dripping Face with those things.

Paper towels and an egg carton?

Bleach bottle?

Also, all the kids in the photos look really cool and tough throughout the process. Here’s the egg carton reptile mid-makeup:

The most amazing thing about this book, however, is that I had a copy of it when I was a kid and when Benny saw this book yesterday he decided to get it for me… because it looked like the sort of book I would have had when I was a kid. Amazing!

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  1. My dad got this book for me. Great photos within it.

  2. […] as good as the original, but little kids always look better in scary makeup than adults […]

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