5:30, ate analysis

Everlasting Blort pointed me in the direction of some vintage advertisements featuring animals, and when I came across this one

I was reminded of an image I posted on here quite some time ago, that of a monkey hovering a banana in the air


with his mind powers. The monkey in the Borsalino ad, however, seems like he might simply be amazed that a hat is hovering in front of him. I’m not sure he’s controlling it. I look at it one way and it appears that he’s concentrating on making the hat hover. I look at it another way, and he’s just going, “Whoa,” and holding his head.

What do you think? I’m putting this to a poll even though the last time I tried a poll here I only got six results and that was kind of depressing. Please vote; nothing bad will happen to you if you do, I promise. You can even vote more than once if you want.


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  1. Stupid Polldaddy. Apparently it doesn’t want to show the specifics of the “Other” votes, so I will have to monitor that and report back to you all. So far we have one vote for “The hat is really a television that looks like a hat from behind.”

  2. Another vote for “other,” this one from the surrealist camp: “Ce n’est pas un singe.”

  3. One more “other”: “Monkey is disappointed that the hat isn’t a banana.”

  4. Three more “other” scenarios have popped up!

    “A much larger invisible-to-us monkey is wearing the hat. Monkey is scared.”
    “Curious George’s friend has died and he’s having hallucinations from grief.”
    “His mind has been effectively blown by hipster fashion”

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