Whatcha doin’, juniper, my love?

Do you know the fairy tale “The Juniper Tree” by the Brothers Grimm? You know, the one where the lady sits under a juniper tree and wishes for a son, and then the son is born and she dies of happiness, and they bury her under the juniper tree, and then her husband remarries and has a daughter with the new wife, and the new wife hates her stepson so much that she chops off his head but then she freaks out and ties his head back on his body with a handkerchief and sits him in a chair, and then the daughter goes, “Hey brother, what’s going on?” and shakes him a little and then his head falls off and the mother blames the daughter for killing the boy, and then she cooks him into a stew and makes everybody eat it, and the daughter is really freaked out and collects her stepbrother’s bones and buries them under the juniper tree, and then this bird comes out of the tree and goes around town singing this creepy song about the murder of the boy really prettily, and people give the bird a gold chain and some shoes and a millstone, and then the bird comes back to the juniper tree and sings the same creepy song and gives the gold chain to the father, the red shoes to the daughter, and drops the millstone on the stepmother, and then poof the stepmother is gone and the dead brother is there all alive again, and everybody is happy? That was quite an impressive juniper tree.

I thought I saw that sort of juniper tree today in Pasadena,

(okay, yes, I know those are actually two juniper trees), but then I looked next door to that one and saw another juniper tree

greatjuniperand I thought to myself that if any juniper tree could make women pregnant and avenge wrongful beheadings of little boys, it was this one.

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