Etiquette & superstition: cake

I did wind up making my own birthday cake last week, and while there was a lot of yelling and swearing and burnt fingers and ruined pots and problems with this one little section, it wound up tasting pretty good. It wasn’t very pretty, though. Maybe next year I’ll try the popcorn cake.

ETIQUETTE: Oh, dear. Do you remember the whole thing when you were a kid about who got to have the icing roses or pressed sugar decorations on their slice of birthday cake? That was a whole thing, and I can’t seem to remember how parents ever resolved that. There was no way that every kid could have a decoration, was there? Or was there? Miss Manners recommends that if you are at a party where there are both kids and adults, and there is a large cake being served, the decorations should be given solely to the children, not for purposes of catering to their whims but rather as a lesson. If you recall, the decorations actually taste terrible. Miss Manners explains that “… this is a perfect way of teaching (children) that some of the most beautiful things they see will turn out to be disgusting inside.”

SUPERSTITION: A good way to figure out if a woman is a witch is to take some of her urine and put it into your cake mix. Bake the cake, feed a slice to the dog, and if the dog starts acting funny, your suspect is indeed a witch.

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