Etiquette & superstition: making the bed

You know that old phrase “You’ve buttered your bread; now you’re going to have to lie in it”? No?

ETIQUETTE: When you are a houseguest, you should remember to make your own bed in the mornings even if you don’t normally make your own bed at home. On the last day of your visit, it’s a very nice thing for you to strip the guestbed of its sheets, make the bed with just the blanket and bedspread, and deposit the dirty sheets in a hamper or at the foot of the bed.

SUPERSTITION: You should not let anything interrupt a bed-making chore; a bed made with interruptions will give the sleeper therein a fitful night of slumber, or something worse. If you change the sheets on a Friday, the devil has control of your dreams for a week. Three people should not make a bed, unless they want a death in the house within a year. Death will also come to the family of anyone who washes their blankets in May.

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