Etiquette & superstition: stray threads

I sewed myself a new shirt yesterday and now I’m sort of afraid to wear it. It’s not like I did that great a job on it or anything, but I always get weird stains on things and I just don’t want to ruin this shirt so soon after making it. Maybe I should sew myself a bib.

ETIQUETTE: Removing a stray thread or piece of lint from another person’s clothing is a relatively intimate act. If you are on such close terms with the person in question that you would not hesitate to remove a booger from his beard or a piece of spinach from her teeth, by all means tidy the person up. Otherwise, simply direct their attention to the offending material in a direct but discreet manner. If you are a seamstress or quilter with overly familiar friends always picking stray threads off your person, think about investing in a lint roller or alternately do your sewing/quilting au naturel.

SUPERSTITION: If you find a piece of thread on someone’s clothing, take it off and drop it to the ground. It will form the first initial of the person you are going to marry. If the thread doesn’t form an initial, pick it back up and wind it around your finger while reciting the alphabet to determine the first initial of your future betrothed. The thread ends on the correct letter. Or maybe it’s just the first initial of somebody who is about to send you a letter.

Photo by fras1977 on Flickr

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  1. A bib would take a second to sew, so why not? Maybe you could make the adult bib the next new thing in fashion!

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