Etiquette & superstition: whiskey

Whiskey makes you frisky, gin makes you sin, brandy makes you randy, and I don’t remember what rum makes you do.

ETIQUETTE: Contrary to the beliefs of idiots and spring breakers, whiskey is not a spirit “for old men.” Whiskey is for everyone. Emily Post notes that whiskey “is always proffered” to a gentleman as an alternative to wine at a dinner party. Our pal Millicent Fenwick of Vogue’s Book of Etiquette reminds us that for men and women “whiskey and soda is the traditional post-hunt breakfast drink” (though if it was very cold outside on the hunt, sherry may be served prior to the whiskey). One last note – Emily says that calling a whiskey and soda a “highball” is “a social tabu.” So grab your eggs and call your whiskey and soda by its long name while you bitch about that fox that got away, and everyone will think you’re swell.

SUPERSTITION: If you are in Scotland on New Year’s Day, you had better not be the first person to walk through the threshold of a person’s home without being a dark-haired male bearing whiskey and shortbread, because that dark-haired guy with the booze and cookies is the one who brings good luck into the house for the coming year.

If you are drinking a Manhattan (or any other drink with a cherry in it) and notice that the cherry is floating, be aware that this means your luck is going to reverse. If you are currently feeling relatively lucky and don’t want your luck to reverse, you need to reverse something you are wearing in order to counteract the cherry – your hat, shirt, wig. Don’t interesting things always happen when you reverse your wig?

Photo by huggs2 on Flickr

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’m from Scotland so I really appreciate a good whiskey. And according to my husband, that bit about gin is true :)

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