Words of the day for Friday, May 31st

Congratulations on your national spelling bee win, Arvind Mahankali! I’m glad you finally got to show the German language who’s boss. For the past three years Arvind has been eliminated in the last round of the bee by a German language-derived word, but this year he laughed in the face of “a lengthened vowel grade of a nominal or verbal root or affix in Indo-European ablaut series” and finished things off with a dumpling. Take that, dehnstufe. Thanks for the win, knaidel. Let’s not even talk about thonnier.

Arvind didn’t get my favorite words of the night, however; Sriram Hathwar and Grace Remmer did. Those words were:

Picture with Textwhich is a picture, decoration or design in which monkeys are depicted, usually in clothing and imitating human behavior; and

Picture with Textthe “formerly revered” peach/quince hybrid according to the judge. I’m not sure what the melocoton did to lose its revered status, but there is certainly no love lost between it and Grace, who was eliminated from the competition by this fallen fruit.

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