Escape from the son of the valley of jesus crackers

I think I’ve made some mention before of my fondness for fake swear words, so I was very happy to learn a new word this week from my friend zeroy:

Picture with Text

A grawlix is a group of symbols used in place of profanity. Like *&@#$. Grawlixes are usually best in comics, because they aren’t bound to keyboard symbols. Here are the Katzenjammer Kids swearing:

katz1Actually, I bet that’s the Captain, not the Kids. The Kids replaced his herring with a fake herring and now he’s really mad. Here’s Alley Oop:

aoop2And more recently, Pearls Before Swine:


The French are pretty good with grawlixes too:


How do you say “grawlix” in French, though? Is it still “grawlix”? I can’t seem to find the answer. #$%^#%$@.

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  1. […] what I would say if somebody tried to wake me up at ughten. I’d also probably throw in a grawlix or two for good […]

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