Apparently I stopped numbering these a while ago

You know what I haven’t done in a while? I haven’t had a Fancy Notions giveaway in a while. That’s kind of a shame. But look what I found when I was reorganizing my sewing and craft stuff:

Four feet of yellow rickrack. About 18 inches of white lace, and about 18 inches of off-white lace. Part of a black frog clasp. No, I guess that’s more of a decorative eye from a hook and eye. It’s more fun to say “frog clasp” but let’s not be inaccurate. A hard round white thing that I suppose I was going to make a button out of. A pink scottie dog iron-on. A small rubber sunburst. Do you know what you could make with that?


A picture of Dorothy on her way to Oz on a sort of cloudy day, that’s what. Or maybe you have another idea about what to do with all of this. If you do, and you actually want these things to do whatever you want to do with them, write in the comments section. The first person to write in with a modicum of sincerity gets the notions.

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  1. E: I would like this giveaway stuff, but I would only like it if you glued the pieces down on that fabric so that the Dorothy scene is permanently affixed. I would then hang it on my wall.
    you’d need to manage the glue in a way that would not compromise the dimensionality of the cloud/s.
    is that even possible
    is the question.

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