Right across from the Condor Club

Something happened when I was driving to work. A light turned red and I found myself behind this truck that somebody had drawn on with their finger on a dirty part of the truck. You know how people do that – they usually write “Please wash me”? I never understand why people write that. This was better than that.

Can you see it? It’s kind of hard to make out.


Three kangaroos. Wallabys, perhaps? Let’s adjust the contrast so we can see that a little better.
There they are. I started thinking about how it kind of looked like something from an ancient Sumerian tomb wall:


And then I started thinking that it might be better as a neon sign in a marsupial red light district:


And then the light turned green.


And that’s what happened on my way to work.

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  1. Now, that’s bizarre!

  2. I believe that is pornography drawn by kangaroos…

  3. Yowza !

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