Franklin mint

My friend Pet Cathy recently directed my attention to what seems to be a micronation at the eastern end of Franklin Avenue in Los Feliz (click photo for larger version):

$5,000.00 per person per day. Huh. I guess this guy Robert Eugene Schaefer really hates dealing with Girl Scouts at his door trying to sell him cookies. I’m usually a fan of micro-nations, but I have to say that this place is not my cup of tea.

As far as I can tell, he hasn’t even given his nation a name. If this guy spent more time on designing his flag and his money and less time on his Get Offa My Lawn flyers,

he’d have a much nicer place, I think.

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  1. There is a house in my neighborhood that has nearly as many postings. Apparently the woman buying the home doesn’t want to pay her mortgage, so she got this guy to make her plot into a country – or something.
    They are catching heck trying to foreclose on her.

    • What neighborhood? I’d love to see this.

      • Over in Fontana (Heritage Village).
        I’ll try to get some photos in the morning before work. (Wish me luck in waking early enough!)

  2. Update:
    I got a few (crappy quality) photos, but now the neighbors are gone.
    They were all evicted right after my last post, the reality company staked a For Sale sign the very next day!
    About 2 weeks later they neighbors were back, with even MORE postings, including more by the court, and realty company.
    Last week, the neighbors were arrested (By MiB – Not uniformed sheriffs) and all of their possessions were loaded into storage pods and removed. The cars all impounded.
    All of the postings came down. The windows and doors boarded up. And one lone No Trespassing sign is there now.

  3. I don’t think this guy is claiming “micro-nation” status, his protestations of “sovereignty” are of a different delusion. Mr. Schaefer is a self professed “Sovereign Citizen.” There’s a complicated and convoluted mixture of conspiracy theories and false facts that lead these people to believe that the original US government and Constitution were replaced by false ones in 1871 and if they study and employ any amount of pseudolegal mumbo jumbo they’ll have powers and abilities far beyond those of normal “14th Amendment Citizens.”

    Those signs he posts are part of his “Allodial Title Land Patent” theory. He holds seminars and sells DVDs teaching other people how to do it too and they’re a steal with the seminar costing only $695. But if you fill out the paperwork just right and speak the correct incantations your mortgage disappears, you never need to pay property tax and all the King’s horses and all the Kings men can do nothing about it.

    Most “Sovereigns” are pretty harmless, if annoying, and I find their belief system bizarre and a little fascinating. But there is an overlap between the sovcits and some of the nastier aspects of the militia movement. Earlier this week a sovcit and militia leader in Alaska named Schaeffer Cox was sentenced to 26 years in jail for hatching what he called his 2-4-1 plan. If he or any member of his group were arrested they would kidnap or kill two cops or Judges. If one of their homes were taken, they’d burn two government buildings to the ground. They amassed quite an arsenal of weapons and the FBI had wiretaps and informant testimony about Cox’s efforts to acquire hand grenades and silencers.

    I don’t know much about Robert Eugene Schaefer, but I use some free time to sharpen my Google skills with people like these, it’s how I found this blog. The court records I’ve found for him are pretty extensive but I haven’t found anything indicating he’s violent. It’s amusing, in his sales pitch for his $700 seminars he fashions himself as some sort of legal wizard who always wins his cases, but that is very far from the recorded truth. But that’s the same for all of these sovereign seminar salesmen, they aren’t in the legal advice business, they’re in show business.

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