Drink the water

I really like my dentist. My dentist is an older lady who lets her poor little crippled dog sit on my lap during the examination if I want it to. One of the things that I like about my dentist, besides her poor little crippled dog, is her confounding wall art.

I guess at this point I should make the distinction that I like my dentist for having this wall art, but I do not like this wall art. And that is what is confounding about it. I do not even want to call this art. It seems so cheap and dumb, and it pisses me off that it’s so cheap and dumb and yet this guy is numbering the prints because they are a limited edition. Do the fact that this is pissing me off make it art? Confounding.

Anyway, this dentifrice panorama features:

  • a raccoon
  • a bear
  • a bird
  • a turtle (perhaps a tortoise?)

and this might lead one to believe that this will be some Pogo-esque biting satire. No. What this will be is just some more confounding crap. A tooth playing jump rope.

And this tooth has one tooth. If my teeth are going to have teeth, I want each of them to have a full set of teeth, not a single tooth. This is not a good advertisement for a dentist. Nor would it be a good advertisement for an optometrist, but that’s neither here nor there. We’re talking about dentists. And I like mine.

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