Free and clean

I hope everybody is having a lovely America Day. If you are feeling less than patriotic today, might I suggest a ride on the Delta Queen to perk up your spirit? It’s debarking from Campbell, California.

Hooray! An all-American riverboat trip. Excuse me, ma’am, which way do I go?

Thank you. Wonderful. Boy, I sure am ready for a nice old ride down the river. I almost feel like Becky Thatcher or something. Bye Tom! Bye! You and Huck save a nice hot dog and iced coffee for me, okay?

Okay, I guess the first thing to do is get instructions from the cap’n. Where’s the cap’n? Oh hello, Cap’n.

Pardon? What’s this talk about antennae? Do I look like a moonfolk, Cap’n? Pity’s sake. The cap’n must be in his cups.

Oh, but look at all the fish…

With a good dredging in cornmeal, that is some good eating right there. A shame I forgot my fishing bamboo. Ah, it sure is good here on the river.

Oh… it looks like we’re coming to the dock. That sure was quick. I could have spent all day here.

Goodbye, Delta Queen, and have a wonderful rest of your America Day. Wait – what’s that you say? I still have some sap on my hood? I have to go around again, but you will provide me with a complimentary Power Wash and Fresh Linen car sachet?

Aye aye, Cap’n. Requesting permission to return aboard.

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