Korean gingerbread

There’s a place in Koreatown in between a thrift store and a seafood restaurant that you might not notice at first.

The front windows are soaped up and there is an automatic gate that blocks all but the front of the property off from the public. But this past Saturday, the gate was open. After some trepidation, I went inside.

The Petersen Studio Court.

I don’t know if the fact that I tiptoed around says more about me or the place. Probably more about the place. It kind of leaves me speechless, and also wanting some little Danish cookies. Let’s just look at some photos, shall we?

I don’t blame you for having your gate closed most of the time, Petersen Studio Court. One should only be allowed entrance to you with the help of a fairy godmother.

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  1. Neat. Hadn’t heard about this before. Googling turned up a bit about the place’s history from the LA Times in 2003:

    • Yep! That article is the second link on this, and it seems to be the only decent write-up on the place on the internets…

  2. Ah! I am so glad you went inside and are now able to share these photos with us! I have never seen that gate open (i used to pass by this place on my way to California Market long ago)

  3. oh yay, i’ve wondered about that place, too! glad you got in, with fairy aide. have you been to that scandanavian bakery on pico? i just started wondering about that place

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