Everything but the kitchen sink

We’ve discussed neighborhood architectural amazement Castle Grayskull here before. The sconces, the stained glass depictions of medieval knights, the retractable flails, the guard zebra. At one point, Benny noted that all it needed was a moat. Et voila, the front entrance

now has a moat.

Upon seeing the moat, Benny’s eight-year-old son remarked with some concern about the problems a person might have if they were, say, carrying groceries and running into the house in a hurry. What if they tripped?

I don’t think there’s cause for alarm, myself. For one thing, I believe that every move made by the owners of Castle Grayskull will be sure-footed, and for another thing, I don’t think these guys have to buy groceries. I’m pretty sure they have a trained falcon that provides them with all the food they need. But I was curious about the moat, as it’s currently empty.

What will it be filled with? Tiny alligators? Acid? Fire? I can’t wait to see this.

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  1. JELLO!! please…. BLUE Jello. that is my wish.

    • Ooh. Anything in the Jello, or just Jello?

      • grapes, duh! Peeled grapes. Also, they would have the jello parfait-ed, with the darker blue and purple jello on the bottom, green in the middle and warm colors on top, so as the barbarians are sinking to their doom they can enjoy a nice flucuation in the light. I can’t spell flucuation, I’m pretty sure, because that looks really weird.

      • I have half a mind to go over there right now and do this myself….

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