Word of the day for Thursday, January 26th and Friday, January 27th

Today’s word is one of those words that makes me feel like kicking things and flailing around, in a good way. That makes sense, right? Like Adam and the Ants (but not throwing a car alternator through a pub window Adam Ant) and Pee-Wee Herman (but not Nurse Nancy Pee-Wee Herman, even though that was totally a railroad job). Kick things and flail around and make some noise, because you are:

http://www.rasaint.net/ - Glitter GraphicsDamn it – I find what I think is a new great glitter text generator, and then I can’t get rid of that gigaglitters tag, and it doesn’t even fit on the damned page. I feel like kicking things and flailing around in a bad way right now. But never mind that.

Callithumpian is what we’re here for, and callithumpian is what we’re going to talk about. Yeah! If you’re callithumpian, you’re a band of noisy and discordant instruments. It used to mean in general “a social disrupter.” Some people say you have to be a kid to be truly callithumpian. That makes sense. And then there are some people who say, “No, it’s actually ‘calathumpian’, or maybe ‘callothumpian’, ‘carathumpian’ and even ‘calisthumpian’.” And I guess heckling someone about callithumpian is pretty callithumpian. Stop kicking me.

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