Two for Tuesday

As will happen from time to time, the new local lost pet notices have a common theme. The current theme is rock and roll.

Do you remember that time when Ozzy Osbourne had that shag haircut with the Frost-n-Tip highlights? After “Crazy Train” but before “Mama I’m Coming Home“? No? You may be too young. And dang, it’s hard to find photos on the internet from that time. I’m thinking it might be because it was before Sharon got all that plastic surgery. That is one powerful woman, folks. She can erase the public record like nobody’s business. Oh, but wait; I think I found something:

Maybe this isn’t the same fellow. I seem to remember Ozzy having satanic power over young boys which would probably include the power over their eating and sleeping, but I don’t think this is the same Ozzy. I don’t see any smiley face tattoos on this guy’s knees, for one. Eh. Let’s go to our next lost rocker:

Dude, you’re a dude! I thought you were a bunch of chicks from the ’90s with barrettes and lunchboxes and shit. Dude! You’re late for your gig at Spaceland The Satellite.

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