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The other day I was just minding my own business, reading this article about how people in olden times used to think they were so great for not using the word schadenfreude because oh no they would never get joy from another’s pain that’s just horrible, when suddenly I was introduced to the amazing world of The Neologist. And now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, as we say.

This person The Neologist just sits around thinking of new compound German words for specific situations. People write in to him/her asking “what’s the word for this?,” and he/she thinks about it for a while and then pops out a new word. What a life. I am learning so many helpful new fremdwort; the only downside is that they are so long that there is no way I’m ever going to remember them.

I can’t pick a favorite, so let’s just go with:

Horror and Fantasy fontsYou know, Höflichkeitsgehemmter Vorzorn. Direct translation is “anticipatory wrath held in check by manners.” Basically, it’s that feeling when you know you are about to be incredibly irritated by someone or something but will have to be gracious and kind in response.

Yes, I know it’s two words, not just one. Höflichkeitsschmerzlächeln to you.

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