My buddy

Dear England,

I know a lot of people make fun of your food. I know I do. I’m trying not to, but you’re going to have to help me. I just started coming around to this fried egg on a pizza idea, and now I’m finding out that you probably didn’t invent that one. The boiled salad thing that London-based foreign exchange student from Boston told me about? I think that was just some misunderstanding on the part of the host mother. We all know your pub food and sidewalk curries can’t be beat.

But let’s talk about the chip butty:

I can get behind fries. I can get behind brown sauce. I can definitely get behind bread. But this seems wrong. It’s just too much soft starch in one place. I mean, come on. I am amazed that you could make something that would make me say “too much soft starch.” In-N-Out Burgers won’t even make a chip butty, and they make everything.

I do think you are on the right path with crisp sandwiches, however (even though it’s a complete lie that this Joel Hocherty character invented the delicacy in the ’80s). Keep working on things like that, and let’s keep talking.


Photo by Click-track Heart on Flickr
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  1. I like the chip buddys but am just not a fan of the Spuderitto at Ricks (a TW staple from time to time). And i LOVE fries, specially the steak kind.


    • You know, I have never had the spuderito – wait, that spelling looks gross. Spudderito? Spud-erito?

  2. I just ate one so I could make some educated comentzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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