You may call them cavies

So, I may have to be looking for a new job in the near soon future. I may not. I don’t know. Agh. It’s been sort of a tumultuous week for me, as you might guess.

When something like this happens, I think it’s natural for a person to question whether she wants to continue on in her current career or think about a new path. Am I suited for my career? Is there any future in it? Is it something I actually want to be doing? What else would I be suited for?

I have to say that I lack some self-confidence, so I’ve been a little hesitant about the whole jumping careers thing unless I start at an entry-level job, and at my age most people don’t want to hire me for an entry-level job. Thankfully, The Awl pointed me in the direction of a career that I’m sure I can excel at – guinea pig rental agent. I am a shoo-in; my brother and I wound up with 17 guinea pigs when we were children without even trying. You see, it’s really hard to tell the difference between a male guinea pig and a pregnant female guinea pig. And then your dad can’t make enough guinea pig cages fast enough to separate them before the children start breeding with each other, and then there’s like this exponential number of cages your dad has to build, and voila! Guinea pig kingdom. Ready for rental. Now all I have to do is lobby Congress to get one of these “No Single Guinea Pigs” law enacted. Piece of cake.

Oh; you hate guinea pigs? Watch this and tell me you don’t need a guinea pig, even if just for a weekend:


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