Etiquette & superstition: prayer

Two people in the past two weeks have said they are going to pray for me. I know both people meant this in a spirit of generosity, but I’m just not sure how I feel about people praying for me.

ETIQUETTE: I can’t believe nobody told me that Kinky Friedman wrote an etiquette book. Well, no matter. At least I found it on my own. Kinky has this to say about mealtime supplication: “If the steak is the size of a sombrero, the meal is followed by the belching of the Lord’s Prayer, which is almost immediately followed by projectile vomiting.”

SUPERSTITION:  If a praying mantis lands on your head, something great will soon happen to you. If it spits in your eye, you will go blind. You shouldn’t kill it even if it spits in your eye, though, because a praying mantis can ward off evil.

Photo by Urijamjari on Flickr

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