Sherlock homo sapiens

After all the birth and death and general tumult of last week, I’ve been laying a bit low the past few days. But apparently the monkeys have not.

Initially reported as a “girl attacks macaque” story, 8-year-old Tayce Nickel’s father gives Gawker his recollection of the ugly incident that took place last Friday in a Missouri Wal-Mart parking lot:

“We parked directly beside the vehicle the owner of the monkey was sitting in (Eugene Pully). A gentleman was standing by the vehicle when we pulled up [who was] talking to [the monkey], which drew our attention to the animal. As we got out of the minivan my daughter wanted to see the monkey, with her mother standing right beside her. Standing even with the driver window, and at what we thought was a safe distance from the animal, she waved and said, ‘Hi monkey’.

“The animal then lept from the driver door onto her, grasping her hair and biting her forehead.”

But wait. There’s something weird. In the initial story, Weeks says, “As we got out, Tayce, being 8 years old, wanted to see the monkey, so she got out, looked up at the monkey, said, ‘Hi,’ and he gave the animal just enough slack to where it could jump out, grab her by her hair, and bite her on the forehead.” But in the email to Gawker excerpted above, Weeks says that Pully was outside the vehicle. Charlie’s owner was outside the vehicle but holding him inside the vehicle with a leash?

If anybody can explain to me how this would work, I’d love to hear it. If you draw me a diagram of the incident as you understand it, I’ll use your rendering as an update to this post.

UPDATE: Oh, wait. I just read this again. The “gentleman” outside the vehicle was another person talking to the monkey, and not the monkey’s owner who was inside the car? Where was he when all this happened? SOMEBODY FIND THE GENTLEMAN.

Photo by Sappymoosetree on Flickr
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