Matriarch of the family of spies

My uncle Kurt is really named Steve. My uncle Eric is really named Tom (I think; I don’t even know for sure any more, to tell you the truth). I don’t use the name I grew up with either. It’s like my family is a bunch of spies.

I don’t usually think about this too much, but it did strike me again as I was looking on the internet for some information about my granna Jane. I couldn’t find any information about her at first, which isn’t that unusual because I don’t think there are that many 92-year-olds with a huge internet presence, but then I followed a link from a link from a link and finally remembered… my granna Jane is really named Clarinda.

Clarinda Jane died last night. Like all good female spies, she was exotic, beautiful and charming. She once told me that when she died, she wanted her body to be left out in the desert for the coyotes to eat. I don’t think we’re going to be able to do that, but I did get a bottle of wine today with a label written in secret code, so perhaps we’ll drink that in her honor tonight.

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