Word of the day for Friday, July 15th

A very happy Carny Etymology Day to everyone! Today is the day when we discuss a bit of carny lingo and where it originates from. If we want to be technical about it, today’s word is actually a professional wrestling term that originates from a carny term so it might be better discussed on Pro Wrestling Etymology Day, but let’s not spoil Carny Etymology Day by getting technical.

Let’s talk about

Glow text generatorKayfabe is the storyline wrestlers adhere to – the rivalries, romances, the ownership of signature moves – that killjoys refer to when they say pro wrestling is fake. It might come from a ruse that carnies would use when calling home from the road. The carny would place a collect call (look it up, kids!), and give the name “Kay Fabian” when the operator asked who was calling. When the call recipient heard the operator say, “Collect call from Kay Fabian,” he/she would not accept the charges and the call was done. The carny had called home to say all was well simply by saying the code word. It is not clear who the original Kay Fabian was, or if this ruse makes placing phone calls difficult for women currently named Kay Fabian.

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