Etiquette & superstition: personal mobility issues

I was wanting to do an etiquette & superstition post about handicapped restroom stalls, but 1) there don’t seem to be any superstitions related to that, and 2) Larry David seems to be the only person that agrees with me that it’s okay for a fully-abled person to use the handicapped restroom stall. Well, maybe Larry David isn’t the only one who says it’s okay, but I still can’t find any disabled people giving the green light on that point. I give up.

ETIQUETTE: When describing a person with limited physical capabilities, do not use the word “handicapped.” “Handicap” is a sporting/gambling term referring to methods used to equalizing the playing field. The phrases “handicap stall” and “handicap parking space” are still generally accepted, however. You could make the point that this is because the handrails and extra clearance room “handicap” (in the oldest sense, referring to money added to the lesser object in the barter game) the space in order to make it equal in value to a disabled person as a regular space is to a fully-abled person, but the reality is that it would just take a lot of time and money to replace all those signs. If we’re trying to balance the budget by complaining that teachers make too much money, we’re probably not going to change those signs any time soon.

SUPERSTITION: If you take a nail from a coffin and hammer it into someone’s footprint, you will make that person lame for as long as the nail stays in the footprint. This also works in hunting, but you hammer the nail into the poop of the animal you are tracking in order to slow them down.

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