The key that opens no doors

I had a dream last night that I was getting ready for a big Thanksgiving feast with friends and family. The venue of the meal kept changing – at first we met up at a nice little cottage, and then we were supposed to go into the city, and then we wound up back at the cottage even though that wasn’t the right place to be.

What I remember most of all is that everybody was being really selfish about wanting to be the person who cooked the turkey. My best friend had already cooked two turkeys, and had gone to a lot of trouble bringing them to the cottage (and then the city, and then back to the cottage) on foot. She had one turkey in a backpack, and she was carrying one in a really unwieldy aluminum foil wrapping. I don’t know who this best friend was, but it was very clear in the dream that she was my best friend. It didn’t matter to any of the other people that my best friend already had these two turkeys; everybody suddenly said they wanted to prepare two turkeys as well.

Since everybody else was so driven to cook more turkeys, there was no other food that was being prepared. Because of this, my best friend got on a bus to go home and make some other dishes and entrusted me with the two turkeys she had cooked. I put the turkeys in the front passenger side of my mother’s car and followed that car to where everybody had finally decided to have the meal. When I arrived at the destination, I opened my mother’s passenger side car door and found that the seat had slammed forward and the turkeys were nowhere to be found. I pushed the car seat back and found that the tinfoil turkey had pushed itself through a hole in the carpet upholstery into the engine compartment. The backpack turkey was nowhere to be found. I woke up angry.

I think I need daily meditation or a massage or something. There’s too much stuff cooking up in my brain right now.

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  1. Poor monkey. One double turkey massage. Coming right up!

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