The YouTube clip “Mom Spam” is pretty cute,

but there’s an inherent failure in it, I think. Are the moms to whom it’s directed going to understand it? Or is it just going to hurt their feelings? Every time my mom forwards me something really insane and inaccurate, I feel compelled to reply with a Snopes link, and then I invariably feel bad about doing that because I either get no response at all or a message to me and all the other previous recipients apologizing for the inaccurate information. It kills me, and yet I keep doing it. I don’t know why I have to do it. I guess I have to do it for the same reason that she has to keep forwarding insane and inaccurate information, whatever that reason is.

Maybe I’m overreacting. A bunch of mothers who were the subject of the “oh, Mom” site Postcards From Yo Momma got together a couple of years ago and seemed to understand the underlying affection underneath the public teasing their daughters subjected them to. One mother, a psychiatrist, even analyzed the situation further: “As my own mother always says, children are at the center of parents’ lives, and parents are on the periphery. We write e-mails that have to be perceived as lame, because independence has to be preserved.”

My mom’s not a psychiatrist, but she’s pretty smart. I’m a big chicken, so I haven’t asked her what she thinks of my “Oh Anne” section of this blog, or if she even knows it exists, but hopefully she understands the love behind it. Anyway, happy Mother’s Day, Momma.

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