Lost pig

There is a character in my part of town named Rik Martino. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen Rik, which seems strange because I used to work across the street from where he daily buys several pounds of birdseed, and apparently he is enough of a public curiosity that the LA Times did a brief article about him.

I only know of Rik by his flyers at the corner of Rowena and Hyperion. Sometimes the flyers are advertising his services as a bodyguard and process server. Sometimes they are photocopies of fake newspaper articles hyping his movie star potential. Sometimes they are angry screeds directed at people he believes are trying to poison the neighborhood pigeons. It seems that there are some people in the neighborhood who don’t find his flyers as interesting as I do, because here’s his latest:

I know it’s dated 2/5/11, but it was only posted last week. Also, it appears that he is trying out a new spelling of his name. I’m not sure if there is a significance to either of those things. Anyway. Good luck, I guess, Rick.

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  1. Maybe this man of mystery is from Europe! They write the date in a totally rational, logical way: Most specific thing first (day of the month), then next-most specific thing (month), then least specific thing (year).

    Or, he just wants people to think he’s from Europe. Or, he lost a few months. What?! Like that’s never happened to you.

    • But then he would have been writing that flyer from the future! Not that this hasn’t happened before…

  2. This man puts approx. 100 lbs of birdseed out daily for HIS birds and squirrels. There are 14 restaurants on these two blocks of Hyperion. We have an increasingly large infestation of rats and mice. Every corner has piles of birdshit. I almost lost control while driving in the intersection when a flock fly into my windshield. The man will become violent if you remove his flyers or look twice at HIS birds. He has been illegally putting up these flyers for a decade. As an Italian immigrant perhaps he doesn’t understand how to deal with society?

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