Where you can taste the fun

According to a new arty data project by R. Luke DuBois, the women in Oklahoma are very, very bored and lonely. At first I was thinking that the women of eastern Oklahoma should just try to get together with the men of southern New Mexico, who overwhelmingly identify themselves as kinky, but it appears that that women of southern West Virginia, western Colorado, and most of Arizona could be formidable competition in any sort of hetero matchup (also, what’s going on in southeastern Iowa?).

So maybe you Okie ladies can just organize a Girl’s Night Out at Molly Murphy’s House of Fine Repute?

What’s that, you say? It’s closed? Well, maybe you can amuse yourselves by emailing Da Moose.

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  1. i have been to molly murphy’s, in tulsa, a few times when i was younger.
    one time i asked where the bathroom was and they announced to the whole restaurant i had to use the potty. then loudly marched me to it. i was like 11, so i was mortified!!

    • According to Benny, that’s a “thing” they did, I guess. Hm.

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