Important update

About a year ago, I posted a photo of a lost pheasant flyer I saw in Hollywood. As happens with most lost pet flyers I post, nothing came of it. Nothing is ever really supposed to come of it, actually; I just like sharing the artistic nature of these various flyers. But then in December, I got an email from a guy named Drew. “I saw a pheasant in my yard just a few minutes ago…” and he asked me to give him the phone number from the flyer so he might contact the pet owner; he was in the same neighborhood as where I had found the flyer and everything.

I was pretty excited. This had to have been the same pheasant, and this would be the first time that one of my posts actually did something good in the grand scheme of things. I gave Drew the phone number from the flyer, and he left a voicemail message at the number and promised he would let me know what happened. I didn’t hear anything for a while.

Drew emailed me again yesterday. He said he had never gotten a response to his first voicemail message, and the pheasant was back in his neighborhood. He had just left another message, and this time he got a return call. It turns out that the flyer wasn’t left by the pheasant’s owner, but by just another concerned person who had seen the pheasant in the neighborhood, and was hoping to reunite it with its owner. The concerned person put up quite a few updated flyers tracking the whereabouts of the pheasant during the month of March of last year, and she got a number of calls, but nobody came forward to say that this pheasant was a lost pet. Finally, she talked to a friend of hers who said that her brother was breeding pheasants in the area and letting them go wild. So, mystery solved? I think I’d have some questions for my brother if he were engaged in such activity, but this isn’t my brother, and leben und leben lassen, I suppose.

Anyway, now there is a neighborhood in Hollywood with about 30 pheasants who don’t belong to anybody. They don’t seem to be traveling in a pack like the green parrots up in San Francisco or the peacocks in my old neighborhood in Elysian Heights, so maybe if you’re in need of a pet, you might want to take your gold coin/lotus/pyramid trap down to Hawthorne and Martel and make a new friend. I know pheasants aren’t quite as dramatic-looking as peacocks, but I can honestly say that having any sort of big plumed bird in your yard is a feeling like no other.

The babies are pretty cute, too.


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