I know it’s the first day of Chinese New Year today, but we have a whole two weeks to get into that; I promise we’ll talk about it later. Today I want to discuss Setsubun.

I asked my good friend Xander’s Brother about this Japanese holiday, because my online studies about it left me feeling somewhat stupid. You throw roasted soybeans out the door or at a demon, and you also eat roasted soybeans for health, and there you have it? I felt like the typical outsider looking in and trying to take part, like the urban myth of the crucified Santa Claus used as a Christmas decoration in an Asian shopping mall.

Xander’s Brother assured me, however, that there wasn’t much more to the holiday than what I read. He remembered it being a really good holiday because his dad dressed up as a demon, and there aren’t that many holidays where you’re allowed to throw beans at your dad.

I have done some further research and learned that the “demon” can be a bad habit you want to get rid of, which would give sense to the “throwing the soybeans out the door” thing. You can also put fried sardine heads on a bush outside your door to keep the demons away; this also sounds reasonable. There is one additional thing about having to eat an entire uncut roll of sushi, but I’m not sure what that means other than sushi is delicious and sometimes you can’t wait until they cut it up.

Photo by Naomi Ibuki on flickr

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