My typical reaction to current events

I find history and politics to be intimidatingly complicated, so when something like massive protests in Egypt comes up, I tend to shut up and retreat to simpler ideas about the subject in general. Egypt. Sometimes when I think of Egypt, I think of that interesting casting choice they made for that TV movie back in the ’80s by casting Louis Gossett, Jr. as Anwar al-Sadat, but right now, even that thought is a little too complicated and controversial for my brain. Let’s retreat further.

Egypt. I had a history teacher in high school who said that Egypt was the sexiest word in the world. “Those curves! The swooping! And then you have to cross that t!” Okay, I’m going to stick with this thought. I suppose in this day and age it could be controversial that a high school teacher tells his students what he thinks is sexy, but if I retreat to any simpler thought than this, I’m going to be stuck staring at that mummified baboon at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum they used to take us to on field trips in grade school. Hm. Mummified baboon. Wait; what? Apparently there isn’t even a baboon in that thing I spent all that time staring at. It’s a goddamn jar wrapped in cloth. To the cartoons, then.


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