Etiquette & superstition: horse racing

Uncle Mun-Mun* was in town recently racing one of his horses. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet up with him so I don’t know how he did, or rather how his horse did, or even which horse it was. I really should pay more attention to these things, because I have a feeling Call Me Honcho is going to be a winner someday. With parents named Unusual Heat and Multiple Meetings, how can he lose?

ETIQUETTE: When observing a horse race where the horses have started in front of the grandstand, spectators should remain seated until the horses have made the first turn of the track, and then they may stand up, but may not stand up in their chairs until the homestretch of the race (the last turn).

SUPERSTITION: Photographing a jockey with his horse before the race will cause the jockey, and presumably the horse, to lose the race.

*Actually Uncle Munson**
**Actually, not my Uncle Munson. Borfo‘s Uncle Munson***
***To be technical, Munson is Borfo’s father’s fraternity brother, not his biological brother. In my book, that’s close enough. Especially when we’re talking about Uncle Mun-Mun

Photo by Abraxas3d on flickr

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  1. The most money I ever won at Santa Anita was on a horse named The Drooler. I have good luck on the turf races

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