Don’t wait until the last minute

The Christmas decorating process of Castle Grayskull down the street started out great. Last week a thirty-foot tree was delivered and installed outside the house, and the zebra on the roof was moved onto some scaffolding close to the tree. At some point, what appeared to be a smaller blue tree was positioned on top of the big tree. Oversized strings of lights arrived. Also, a red lightbulb was placed on the zebra’s nose. And then, I don’t know what happened.

Maybe a neighbor complained about the size of the tree. Maybe it was breaking some city ordinance. Maybe it fell over in all the rain. Anyway, it disappeared, as did the light on the zebra’s nose. A regular-sized tree showed up in its place temporarily, and then the original tree reappeared after it had been cut down to half its original size. It’s not much of a Christmas spectacle any more. My idea to not take photos of the Castle Grayskull Christmas decorations until they were finished was not a good one, it turns out. Oh well.

At least I got all my Christmas shopping done.

Image via The Hairpin

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