Mutton dressed as lamb

One of the more distressing things I’m facing as I get older is the notion of having to dress my age. I’ve always liked a rather gamine style, but these days it’s harder for me to wear plaid skirts and dresses with poofy sleeves without worrying if I’m some alt-aesthetic version of the sad old lady who goes around in a crop top and miniskirt thinking she can fool people into believing she’s a teenager or something.

Sometimes it is really frustrating when I see something really beautiful that is just “too young” for me. For instance, I’m pretty sure that I can no longer pull off Yeonju Sung‘s lotus root gown,

and I’m definitely too long in the tooth for the very sweet spring onion dress.

I do, however, think I might still be able to pull off the bubblegum blouse. What do you think?

via Nag On The Lake

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