Word of the day for Wednesday, November 10th

If I were to think of a word that sounded like a combination of a fart and a kiss, the word I would think of would be:

However, as far as I know there is not a word that actually means a combination of a fart and a kiss, and that is not the definition of “smoot.” A smoot is a unit of length named after Oliver Smoot, MIT class of 1962. One smoot is five feet and seven inches in length, as is Oliver Smoot when he lies down. I find it of particular interest that some years after a unit of length was named after him, Oliver Smoot became president of the International Organization of Standardization and also chairman of the American National Standards Institute. This guy was born to have a unit of length named after him, no?

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  1. Back when I was in art school, ‘smoot’ was a euphemism for marijuana. At least amongst us.

    • It makes sense to me. You say someone has “had a snootful” when they’re drunk, so why not had a smootful if they’re high?

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