Uxmal a la Swarovski

On the last day of our trip to Mexico, Benny and I visited the Mayan ruins at Uxmal. They were amazing. This post is not about them.

We were winding down our trip, and I was getting a little fretful. When I’m in a foreign land, I hate shopping because 1) most of the stuff you see as a first-time visitor to a country is crappy tourist crap, and 2) just trying to look at most items initiates in the mind of the seller the idea that you’re going to buy something if they just push hard enough. I hate crappy things and I hate the hard sell, so I usually don’t even look at clothing and trinkets for sale when I’m in a foreign land. And then when I’m back home I think that it’s a pity I don’t have a nice djellaba or hat or rug from the foreign land.

Uxmal was a little different. The sellers weren’t pressing everything on us, and as a result we had a chance to look around and find things we actually wanted. One item in particular I found to be quite incredible:

Live bejeweled bugs you attach to your shirt with a gold chain. Let’s take a closer one at the one in the back, shall we?

Ah, the delicious cruelty of fashion. Only 200 pesos apiece too, and according to the sign, “Their diet is based on wet wood.” What could be easier to maintain? Unfortunately, I had serious doubts that I would be able to get one of these eyecatchers past Customs, so I let them stay in Uxmal.

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  1. Thank you. Now I know where to buy a djellaba. I always wanted one.

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