Cocky in the face of death

Benny and I are back from Mexico, and it was quite an adventure. At first I wasn’t seeing any good storefront art, but then I realized I just wasn’t looking closely enough. That’s how storefront art seems to work. At first you’re only noticing mildly amusing cartoon spools of thread, and then before you know it, cubist bulls and Lilliputians and images of merry destruction are surrounding you.

As an example of the latter, allow me to present what at initial glance appears to be an instructional mural regarding the prevention of dengue fever, but upon further inspection, we obviously have before us an updated and colorful twist on Picasso’s Guernica. What can we learn from this mosquito, with his relaxed posture just moments before his annihilation? Can we be so brave as to face death with crossed legs? Provocative.

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  1. I love you, Peaches.

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