Etiquette & superstition: apples

Miss Manner is such a crabapple sometimes; I really do love her.

ETIQUETTE: Miss Manners hates a TV party. She hates a TV party so much, presumably because you’re sitting in the dark with eyes glued to the television screen and not socializing, that she feels that the only appropriate food to serve at a TV party is that which is not ruined if dropped on the floor. She suggests apples.

SUPERSTITION: Apples are really helpful when you’re trying to determine your true love. Every schoolgirl knows that if you recite the alphabet while you twist the apple stem, the letter that the stem breaks on signifies the first letter of your true love’s name. You can also determine your true love’s name by peeling your apple and throwing the apple peel on the ground. The peel will form the first letter.

What if you think you have two loves, however (you fickle thing), and you want to know which is the true one? Just take two apple seeds and name them the names of your loves, then stick them on your forehead. The seed that stays on your forehead the longest has the same name as your true love.

Photo by perpetualplum on flickr

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