Masters Of The Neighborhood

A house in our neighborhood has been being built for a number of years. At first it seemed like a normal sort of house, but in the past six months or so, Benny and I have been calling it Castle Grayskull.

There’s just something about the detailing they’ve been working on lately that has made the place ripe for a siege by Skeletor. The outdoor fireplaces on the roof and second floor, wrought iron gratings on the windows,

the terra cotta midieval cross insignia, the hundred or so sconces,

it all seems to be a setting for some good old fashioned flogging and boiling in oil. But yesterday Benny saw something new – maces hanging from the balcony.

And I am feeling less comfortable about Castle Grayskull just being a little joke. What’s next – a moat into the abyss? A jawbridge made out of a dinosaur mandible?

UPDATE: A zebra on the roof. Photo to come.

How did I miss this before? You can see it if you look closely at the first photo in this post. Theories as to where this zebra will ultimately fit in the Grayskull motif are encouraged in the comments section.

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  1. wow, i think you kinda have to crash a party there once it’s finished!

  2. Have you started building your catapault?

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