Flossing behind the ears

Why does this happen? Why do dentists use business mascots that are teeth with their own set of teeth? Do optometrists use jaunty eyeballs with their own eyeballs to advertise their services? Do ear, nose, and throat doctors decorate their offices with sinuses attending to an internal set of sinuses? As I’ve said before, I don’t mind so much a tooth with eyes, and even the tooth with eyes and a smile. It’s the extra teeth that are wrong. Don’t get me started about this guy’s eyebrows. That’s a whole other thing.

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  1. A tooth with teeth, never thought of it that way… it is kind of disturbing. Have you ever heard of a dens in dente? A dental term for tooth within a tooth, it happens on lateral incisors occasionally.

  2. Rev. Mook pointed out the happyfoot sadfoot is a foot with feet as well as a face and hands. One of then even has crutches.

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