Lost Ship of the Mojave

Well, this is something I have to find: a Spanish galleon lost in the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is already a crazy and beautiful place, but a Spanish galleon is in there somewhere? A Spanish galleon loaded with pearls? How did this happen? According to Weird California,

“In 1610, King Phillip III of Spain ordered Alvarez de Cordone to search the Western coast of Mexico and recover the pearls residing there. Cordone hired two other captains, Juan de Iturbe and Pedro de Rosales. He also hired sixty pearl divers and began having three ships build. By July 1612 they set sail to plunder the west coast of its precious oysters.

“Over and over again the ship would pause in its travels so the pearl divers could jump off the ship and return with the oysters they discovered on the ocean floor. But the going was slow. Eventually they discovered a Native American village and stopped, meeting with the village leaders. They discovered that the Native Americans had baskets of the pearls just lying about and they formulated a trade of their rich fancy European clothing for the pearls. However, the Spanish swindled the Native Americans and traded them only rags and dirty cloths.”

That often ends badly. Attack, confusion, and what hey cap’n, we’re in the Salton Sea! Aground! Phooey!

A certain Mr. Charley Clusker apparently found the ship in the late 1800s, but almost died doing so. He got back to civilization and told everyone of his success, and shortly headed back to collect his treasure. He was never seen from again. Spooooky. Of course, it’s possible he just liked the Salton Sea and decided to hang out and live on his riches. I would do that.

Hm. If he did that, this would mean there is no more treasure for me to find. Rats. Trip is off. Or maybe Charley Clusker didn’t cash in all of his pearls and there is still a cache left in some shack near the Sea. Trip is back on.

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  1. I know that washed out old trailer carcass! It certainly looks like a graveyard of dilapidated ships there in The Salton Sea.

  2. Hello
    it’s wrong that Charley Clusker was never seen again … after the third trip it took a long time when he finally appeared again but he didn’t went lost or else …

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