Anybody know a good geloscopist?

I seem to be in a holding pattern in my life. I either need a little inspiration or a kick in the butt to get out of this rut. I’ve been thinking of consulting an expert in:

  • meilomancy: divination by analysis of moles on the skin
  • oenomancy: divination by analysis of wine stains
  • ailuromancy: divination by analysis of cats’ movements and actions
  • geloscopy: divination by analysis of a person’s laugh
  • trochomancy: divination by analysis of wheel ruts
  • onychomancy: divination by analysis of the reflection of sunlight on the oiled fingernails of a virgin boy

to see what the future might hold for me. One question, though: does a fortune teller tell you what your future will definitely be no matter what you do, or he/she tell you what is going to happen if you keep doing the things you have been doing and you can control it, or what? This is one of those deep questions, isn’t it?

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