Crazy that this even needs to be mentioned

There has been a recent street art campaign in Los Angeles consisting of simple wheatpasted posters depicting a bicycle “sharrow” along with the simple words “Caution – Please Pass With Care.” It’s in the same vein of the guy who installed a perfect replica of a CalTrans sign on the 110 freeway so that fellow motorists would be alerted to the upcoming (and otherwise unmarked) left exit to the 5 freeway. I guess this could be called transportation good samaritan vandalism. I have to say I’m in favor of it, even though I don’t understand why it has to come to the point that people have to technically break the law in order to make things  safer for the general public.

Anyway, as things do, this trend has made its way to New York, and has been executed in a very fine manner. Well done, New York, as always.

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