Etiquette & superstition: smoking

The only person I know who was able to keep not only the cigarette smoke from her mouth but also the cigarette smoke from her idle cigarette away from all others in her general vicinity was a very refined beauty indeed. Unfortunately, she was also crazy as a shithouse rat.

ETIQUETTE: (from 1864’s The Habits of Good Society, via Edwardian Promenade) “.. if you smoke, or if you are in the company of smokers, and are to wear your clothes in the presence of ladies afterwards, you must change them to smoke in. A host who asks you to smoke, will generally offer you an old coat for the purpose. You must also, after smoking, rinse the mouth well out, and, if possible, brush the teeth.”

SUPERSTITION: If a campfire is smoking in your direction, you merely need to say, “I hate rabbits. I hate rabbits!” in order to send the smoke in another direction.

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  1. My dumb brother subscribes to the rabbit-hating smoke-diverting superstition. Like I said. He’s dumb.

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