Etiquette & superstition: cricket

I just realized that there are numerous superstitions about crickets, and I really haven’t written anything about them. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I haven’t been able to find any accompanying etiquette tips relating to crickets, and
  2. the earwigs are back in the house, thus making me completely disgusted with insects of any kind. Really; I just felt something crawling on my leg, and it was an earwig. I threw it across the room and now I have no idea where it is.

Let’s talk about the game of cricket instead.

ETIQUETTE: Cricket, like most sports, has a baffling amount of jargon that makes no sense to the outsider. Reading about cricket etiquette reminds me of that old Bob Newhart comedy sketch where he’s on the phone with Abner Doubleday. The following is a tip that I have seen posted verbatim on several sites on the subject of “Walking when you’re out”: “Sadly this is a tradition that has gone out of the game at the highest level. But there’ll be times when you know you’ve got an edge through to the wicketkeeper that the umpire’s missed. But whether you own up and walk is your decision.” The point deserves an F for grammar and composition, but an A+ for esotericism. I’ll be a professional Full-Frummert before I learn how to play cricket.

SUPERSTITION: The score of 111 is very unlucky in a game of cricket; it is called a Nelson. 222 (a double-Nelson) and 333 (triple-Nelson) are no luckier. There is one professional umpire in the UK who balances on one leg when the score is a Nelson in order to keep bad things from happening during that time. In Australia, the unlucky score is 87.

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