Fairy tales do come true

One of my favorite fairy tales is a story called “Donkey Skin.” It’s a very creepy story about this rich king who becomes romantically obsessed with his daughter after his wife dies. She tries to get him to leave her alone by telling him she’ll only talk to him if he makes her a dress made out of the sky, thinking it’s impossible. Of course, he manages to do it. After that, she tells him to make her a dress made of moonbeams, and when he does that, she demands he make her a dress from the sun. And what do you know? He does that too. Crazy rich people can do anything. So anyway, she then tells him to make her a dress made from the skin of his prized donkey that poops gold, and when he does that, she runs off covered in the bloody donkey skin. Then some other stuff happens.

A Canadian artist named Valerie LaMontagne decided she wanted to make the first three dresses:

“Temperature, UV, solar radiation, wind speed & velocity, humidity and rain fall data is collected and sent to the dresses wirelessly, where micro-controllers relay info to internal circuitry. The sun dress has 128 LEDs which can light up depending on sun data, while the moon dress has 14 colour-modulating flowers to represent each phase of the moon cycle and the sky dress is imbued with 14 vibrating air pockets.”

No word yet on whether she’s working on the gold-pooping bloody donkey cape yet.

via Neatorama

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